All A1 Staffing Solutions staff, are fully trained, equipped, prepared and arrive at your work place ready to go. Our employees are motivated people who bring a full-time attitude to each and every temporary assignment.

  • A1Staffing Solutions Personnel are WHMIS Trained and Equipped with all the necessary safety equipment including: STEEL TOED FOOT WEAR - HEARING PROTECTION- HARD HATS - SAFETY GLASSES - WORK GLOVES - ASPIRATORS
  • All lift truck operators are licensed, road and classroom tested for safe driving skills and knowledge of load materials, equipment and environment.

Quick, convenient and reliable help . . . and one call gets it all!

Whether your need is for one worker for a day, several workers for several weeks, or even an entire army of employees for a long-term project, A1 Staffing Solutions has all the skilled and semi-skilled temporary help you'll ever need for periods of peak production, for seasonal fluctuations in work flows, for rush and special projects and for vacation and sick-leave replacement help.

  • Focused, dependable people who demonstrate a quality work ethic and a superior level of productivity.
  • Carefully selected for a positive attitude and desire to work.
  • Enthusiastic and have genuine desire to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • People who bring a long-term outlook, to a short-term assignment.
  • Monitored on a regular basis to ensure that they maintain a superior level of performance.
  • Quality personnel from a professional source.