About Us

Have you stopped lately to consider what your permanent staff, are truly costing you? Many of us know, understand and can easily relate to the hourly rates we pay our staff. Few of us however, take the time to add up or even fully understand all of the "hidden extra" costs involved in hiring and compensating our staff. Yet these "hidden" costs can and do add as much as 25% to the hourly wages paid to every employee.

Mandatory Government Remittances:
Canada Pension Plan
Employment Insurance
Employee Health Tax
Workplace Safety Insurance Coverage

Administration Costs:
Payroll Set-up
Benefit Administration
Government Remittances
Regular Paychecks
Annual T-4 Slips
Records of Employment

Employee Benefits:
Vacation Pay
Benefit Packages
Statutory Holiday Pay
Severance Pay

Hiring Costs:
Interview Time
Reference Checking
Applicant Testing

Achieve permanent savings using temporary help . . . an A1 Advantage!